Church Macmillan Coffee Morning

After having a lovely time at Bloggers Meet for Macmillan I wanted to host a coffee morning myself at our church. We always have teas and coffees and a chat after church so cake is an added bonus.


I signed up on the Macmillan website and they sent me a free coffee morning hosting pack in the post within the week. At church Beg and I set up a little table and put the cakes out, there were loads of decorations in the pack to make it eye-catching. The bunting was my favourite bit. Beg wrote out the cake labels they looked really cute in her handwriting.  I had a feeling my #churchfam would be receptive to the idea and I was right, everyone was very generous and in total we raised £73.96!

Macmillan’s Coffee Morning seems to be gaining momentum and I was really pleased to be a part of this year’s event and completely surprised we raised so much. It was a lovely morning, I knew I could rely on my church family to support such an amazing cause.

If you would like to get involved, it’s not too late to join in as there’s loads of free downloads and ideas on the Macmillan website to help you host your own.

If you live in Newport or nearby and are looking for a friendly bunch of people to call your own #churchfam you’re welcome to come and check us out at Faith Church

Thank you to everyone who donated! 🙂

Settling In. 

Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since we moved into our new house. We have done so much and there is still so much more to do.

We got up the trampoline we had been promising Beg forever and sure enough she loves it. We bought a cheap box of outdoor games from Tesco and spent the whole weekend in the garden it was lovely and just what we had envisioned for our new home. 

Lots of friends and family came to visit and it felt like the house was open doors it was wonderful. We’ve moved into a new build house on a massive new estate in the next town over, and we have 2 friends who live here too so we are literally round the corner from them both and from church which is great. 

I’m a believer in good energy so I was thrilled to have friends & family round warming our house up and making it a home. Even though there are still lots of boxes to unpack friends don’t mind do they! So I am hoping it is a trend that will continue. 

Getting used to living in a new area is a big change for us as me and hubby are both born and bred in the town we lived in and even though it’s only over the hill it’s a different council and schools and such like. It’s tempting to stay in and sort the house out and I do walk around it mentally listing all the things I have to do which is an anxiety ridden activity! I am caring for a 4 month old and generally laundry-ing as per too. But I have also been trying to get out a little bit and explore the area, and I suppose claim it for home. 
There is a library literally accross the road which is a bonus for me. It’s typically Welsh too. By that I mean it’s in an old chapel. We went over and joined up last week as Beg was off school with tonsilitis and we started her first Roald Dahl book – James and the Giant Peach. Which actually opens with the death of a child’s parents which was slightly disconcerting. Anyway, I also went for a walk today too and it dawned on me how much I take for granted living in Wales. The views around here are stunning, lush green mountains and there’s a big old church just up the road I must have driven past a hundred times. Exploring on foot gave me time to have a good nosey. (I’m just snapping on my phone I’m afraid I need to up my photography game.)

My husband is away all this weekend watching car racing. Really bad timing as there is so much to do! But I suppose there is always, always so much to do isn’t there.
Have you moved house? How did you make it feel like home in those early weeks? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂 

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