Mummy Needs Some Me Time.

Today was a bit of a wash out and in trying to complete 100 things I only managed to do one.

I think I got a bit excited it was the weekend and husband is home. The prospect of having another adult around to well, adult with me, got a bit overwhelming and I messed up the whole day. Our plans for this Saturday got cancelled so we had planned instead to get some DIY done. Then I had a brilliant idea

that I would take my daughter to get our nails done. Later we would clean the house, do food shopping, oh and get new tyres on my car. What actually happened was none of the above except the tyres. It’s a long and boring story but needless to say I think it was a classic case of organising too much for one day.

It’s the school summer holidays which means I am at home all day every day with two children one aged 6yrs, one 6 months. I love having Beg home from school, I am one of those annoying mums who looks forward to the holidays. But this year, she is 6 and seemingly in full force child diva mode where she expects every second of her day to be mapped out with fun and exciting things to do. Meanwhile as I’m sure every mum can relate to, somehow all the mundane boring household stuff needs to be done along with meeting at least the basic needs of her 6 month old brother. Which on some days, somehow, it all wonderfully clicks into place and I feel like some amazing  Amazonian tribal woman connected through the centuries to my fellow mums and grandma’s who managed to raise kids through the bubonic plague and days of no indoor plumbing and other such minor inconveniences. But some days, like today, I feel like a cartoon being pulled in 5 different directions at once. Mamma needs some me time! I used to abhor that turn of phrase ‘me time’ get over yourself! But maybe if I phrase it another way…’to prevent a ratchey –assed wife I really need to be left the fuck alone for a bit. Please.’ I went out with some friends one night this week and we put the world to rights over noodles and sticky rice which was great and restorative and needed but I still feel like I would just like to be alone. Not vacuuming with the baby in the wrap alone, not cleaning the bathroom alone, but properly alone.  And that is not a euphemism-that one is whole other can of worms!

The thing is husband and I can very quickly end up in a face off comparing how much time we have each had alone/doing things we like and it’s easy to get offended I suppose. YOU would like some time would you? YOU who is at home all day while I slog my guts out at work? YOU who gets to stay in hotels while I stay home with the kids? It’s never said aloud, mostly because we don’t have the time to finish a conversation with each other but we both know the sentiment is there, hanging in the air like a fart. Equally we both know it’s completely ridiculous to even have that kind of conversation and scoring points off each other is not really our style either. Me having a mad rant about something completely unrelated, him going quiet for a week, that’s more our code for ‘something is bothering me’. Usually I’m as clueless as the next person as to why I’m such an irritable cowbag but today I put my finger on it. And still the DIY needs doing, still I’m typing one handed with a baby on my shoulder and right now I’d settle for being able to watch a film in full with no interruptions, with him even. Him and his farts.

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Author: thehippychristianmum

Baby-wearing, dairy-free, breastfeeding, home-birthing, cloth-nappying, church-going, slightly foul-mouthed, stay at home mum. Head of my own very exclusive parenting club.

11 thoughts on “Mummy Needs Some Me Time.”

  1. My partner and I have had these arguments many times over and it never ends with a winner. I guess you can’t win really.
    I have come to the conclusion that whatever I may have done at work is never as much as a SAH mum, especially when we have five under 9.
    I do my best but we all need time on our own to gather our thoughts and get a sense of reality that doesn’t involve tantrums, sick and nappy changes.


    1. 5 under 9? Yeah you’re never gonna win that argument I’m afraid! No seriously though you’re right there can be no winner in that argument it is fruitless. How wonderful to have 5 children I think it’s lovely. Thanks for stopping to comment 🙂

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  2. I’m onboard and nodding along with everything you say, it’s tough and you do need some you time. Its normal, healthy and OK to say it. I think you’ve done great to write it down and get it out there, loads of people will agree and those that sometimes feel quilty about thinking it will realise that they are not alone…well done:)
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    Mainy – myrealfairy

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  3. when mine were littel I used to retreat to the loo and pretend I had the runs but actually get in the bath (no water) and just, well, just be. Alone. I feel your pain. #KCACOLS

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  4. I think this is something that every mum will agree with! It’s so hard, being home with the kids you’re just ‘on’ all day long. I love getting into bed by myself (my husband stays up much later than me!) and watching something on the ipad or reading a book or magazine, that’s the one time I feel like I do have just for me! x #KCACOLS

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    1. My 6yr/o is full to the brim with questions at the moment and I can’t say anything without 20 questions following so I totally get that feeling of being ‘on’ all the time! Lol I’m hoping to get a bath tonight 😉


  5. You’re right in everything you say here. It’s hard not to get sucked into these arguments – like the who’s the most tired argument. They’re pointless but the result of both being tired! It’s because neither understand what it’s like for the other. If you’re at work you want to be at home, but being at home isn’t as easy as it was before baby and the partner who’s at work can’t understand that because they’re not there. #kcacols

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