Vegan Supper Club

A review post of Nourish Supper Club.

Last night I went all Gwyneth Paltrow and ate an entirely plant-based meal.


I went along to a Supper Club in a community cafe in Caerphilly (I just tried to spell that phonetically and really can’t, google Caerphilly castle-it’s impressive). The venue was the former town library which was upgraded and relocated and now it is used as a community cafe which is also hired out. Which I thought was a really fab idea. I went along with my friend from church whose daughter & friend are the genius chef/creator people behind it. It’s called Nourish Supper Club and has been a sell out success. A superb 3 course meal with no gluten, dairy or grains, using all fresh seasonal ingredients all for £23 per person. Deal. Considering I’d had McDonald’s for lunch I was excited at the prospect of some real food.

“…organic produce direct from local farms…”


Sweet Green Juice – parsley, lettuce, spinach, celery & apple.


So not knowing what to expect at all I was pleasantly surprised when we went in to be greeted with a restaurant set up. We were shown to our table which had our places set out and the menu on the table and a flower centrepiece. Our hostess said we had an extra seat in case I needed room for the baby which was really thoughtful and I just loved that. I had actually managed to get a night off but there were other babba’s brought along which was great. There was definitely a lovely ambience created, with lovely mellow music playing. We had a quick gander at the menu and got on with the important business of having a good natter. We both had the sweet green juice which was lovely (you wouldn’t know there was no sugar in it).

Soul soup & nettle pesto.

For starters we had soul soup. I am from this point forward going to call all soup I eat soul soup because I think it’s that great a description for soup. It was warm and green and I instantly assumed I knew how it would taste so I was surprised at the variety of flavour in it. There were at least 3 different levels of flavour. The pesto was really earthy and full. I’ve never had fresh pesto before so that was a treat for me and the raw dehydrated pumpkin and sesame seed crackers added that bit of texture. The info on the menu said the food is dehydrated at 42 degrees and this preserves the nutrients in the food.


Summer Abundance Platter.


The main course was a Summer Abundance Platter which was a flatbread, 2 falafel, green salad, cucumber, tahini, and carrot hummus. The quality of the ingredients really shone through in this plate (the lettuce was honestly, really delicious) but what impressed me the most was the inventiveness of the dish overall. The cucumber was pickled which gave another tangent of flavour and it just wasn’t boring in the least. Already I was surprisingly full but had been looking forward to the pudding all week!

Strawberry cheesecake with mascarpone cream and warm wild mint & rose tea.


I wasn’t disappointed in the pudding. With no added sugar or sweeteners I expected it to be a good imitation of a dessert but it was so much more than that. It was a gooey strawberry sweet loveliness in my dairy free mouth and I enjoyed every morsel. I think every table went a bit quiet on that course. Or perhaps I was just in my own world. Who knows. Anyway I liked the pudding the best.

We came home feeling full and relaxed and knowing each other just a little bit better and it was a really lovely evening. I felt like I had been privileged to have tried and been invited into a way of healthfulness I had never considered before (entirely plant based food) and it was nice for me to go out for a meal and not feel like the awkward customer “Is there milk in this?” . Ellie and Nicola worked really hard to serve everyone and made sure everyone enjoyed themselves and it worked so well. I will definitely be recommending Nourish Supper Club to people. If you know how to say Caerphilly because you live anywhere nearby you can find the Nourish Supper Club page on facebook if you would like to book in for the next one in September.

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  1. I have to say that the food looked much nicer than I thought it would. The dessert in particular looked fab.
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂


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